Women Ministry


Women Ministry

We are leading Women Ministry to motivate the ladies to know the identity of Lord Jesus and to take part to make our new generation spiritual and to educate their children with the word of God.

Our church has been focusing on spiritual growth of women, Since the role of women can not be ignored in the development of the society in Pakistan generally it is observe that the most of the people are not eager to educate their member of family. Witch is great draw back and impediment. The proper growth of the family life is if a woman is educated and is aware of spiritual growth of her children. The first learning place of child is the lap of mother. If a mother is spiritual and religious minded. She will certainly provide suitable atmosphere in witch the children will be strened normally and religiously. As a religion inculcates morally values. If our youth is morally spiritually and religiously invigorated. It will lead to become a good member of society. Holy scripture is full of such a references in which women had played vital role, in the formation of a good family.

The people who are engaged in imparting religious knowledge to women  poses deep knowledge of religion and re guided by Holy spirit for this purpose weekly religious meeting of women is held in our church and some time in the homes of peoples which invite us for  this purpose. Thanks God women of my congregation are very committed dedicated and  up right.

In days to come our church instance to widen women meetings in different area of Lahore. We  are holding weekly Wednesday prayer meeting in order to encourage the participant to share their religious views. Where they are encourage to share the word of God, Meeting presiding, playing upon musical instruments and singing of the hymens.


October 2019