Youth ( Lion of Judah )


LION OF JUDAH is a youth ministry project of our EVC Church. This name was proposed by our young and well energetic Evangelist Morass Manna. He is determined to bring change in the Christian younger. Our

• The Lord has appointed the youth to be His helping hand.
• As we know that we have number of youth today which includes all those who are under 30 years of age and who can do much if they       are properly directed and encouraged.
• Youth work is not only to help in organizing the other duty like just acting as supporting hand but also to work as one unit to Praise Lord   so that more member join and Praise Lord.
• As we know number of youth now indulge in alcoholics activates and wasting their time and destroying their body and soul which is         not our as our body and soul are already purchased by the Holy Blood of Jesus.
• We want our children to believe the truth. We want them to be blessed of God.
• Youth are the future of the church.
• Youth participating is important so that incoming families can see that there are other youth already in the church.
• Nothing keeps a family involved in a church like their children.
• Our Mission is to bring back youth together in the name of Lord figure out their needs help them groom them so that they can be the         productive person.
• Teach them the message of Christ look forward to them help them to understand message and every word.
• Help youth to build good and moral strong person physically and more importantly spiritually.
• Youth should be good reflection of our church what we teach and what are main them is.
Youth are the future leader they can win more soul that’s why they should be given more attention in positive sense so that they groom   themselves to be soul winner


October 2019