Our gospel ministry is going to be working for the God in many ways. As the God called us to win the lost souls we are approaching the peoples those are not having the experience of spiritual life. Suppose,

Door to Door VisitsĀ 

We the Jesus said ” behold I am knocking you at your doors “. We have not hesitation to go to spread the word of God at the doors of people as many of them are not used to go to the churches. They neglect the specialty of attending the churches. They are motivated to come to the churches to be blessed. They are learned how to pray. They are helped to live spiritual life. They are taught word of God.


Out Reach Ministry

There are many areas far from Metropolitan city are approached to bring them in the light of faith. We have a vision to uplift the rural area,s people in their spiritual life. We want plant church in such area which congregations can not afford their church building. As these areas not yet established to organized church ministries like, Sunday School, Youth Meetings, Women Meetings. We have a passion to establish church in such areas and want to help them that how to be walk in faith. Although our church team have organized some prayers meetings on weakly and monthly bases in villages of PATOKI, MANGA, KOT RADHA KISHAN.


  • Gospel Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Crusades / Conventions
  • Door to door Visits
  • Free bible distribution / Religious Books
  • Motivation for Discipleship
  • Youth Meetings
  • Adult Education
  • Sunday School
  • Women Meetings
  • Outreach prayer meetings
October 2019