Church Leadership



Pastor Elisha Akbar

He is a Founder/President and senior pastor of this church. He is dedicated with the work of God.He is devoted his work to win the souls for God. He was born in 1978 and God called him for his work and he was baptized in 1996 and got new life in Jesus Christ.
He says that God loves him and has saved him from leading a sinful life and the Jesus has chosen him for this work for winning the souls for Jesus Christ and preaching among the people with courage and boldness. It is only possible when Jesus anoints his servant for this noble cause. In 2011 Pastor Elisha Akbar achieved his degree of Both (The Degree B.Th) from “Ministry of Jesus Christ Bible College”. For this noble cause of soul winning many people join us and become the part of leadership. And some of them takeover the responsibilities of the church and was selected for Board Member.



Adeel Shafique

He (coordinator) is very energetic and youngster and to loyal to his promise with church.
He is very struggling and eager to touch the higher position of our church ministry and to acquire the targets of our visions. However he is sporting & helps the church financially.

Currently residing in USA

Contact No. 001 623 742 5809



Prof. Arshad Masih

He is the voice president EVC Church. We have a pride that we are blessed with such nice personality who has always made his attempts against the mistreatment of fundamental thoughts for Christians, he is desirous to uplift the youth who are neglected in society, he is playing a active roll made the Christian strong well aware for their rights. He has raised his vocal and protest against the persecution the Christian.
Contact : +92 321 4791355, Facebook: Arshad Masih




Evangelist Shahid Serwar

Shahid sarwar is very faithful and dedicated leader of the church, he is our currently elected secretary, he has government employment in governor house and all other time he working for the kingdom of God going house to house for the spiritual improvement of the church members. God has gifted him with his word speaking power, counselling, tongues, healing gift, prayer meeting presiding and singing rhymes.
Contact No. +92 322 4316121, Facebook: Shahid Serwar,
Email: shahid@evcchurch.com




Evangelist Qaiser Masih

He is leading the Sunday school and Church youth. He is also serving the Lord from last 5 years and he had organized many youth seminars and program . Qaiser very hard working then his age. He has a vision to win many younger souls for Christ Jesus. He is compassionate to the uplifting the un reach lives, kilns labor live, villages. He has also organized many helping programs for the poor people of the kilns and villages with the coordination of his mother (Sister Martha Perveen) who has been a employ of social worker organization.
Contact : +92 302 4515157,
Facebook : Qaiser Masih



Rubeca Princess

She is angel of God, in her age of 20th she is delicately working for the kingdom of God as Sunday School teacher, progressively working for the study of poor children, preaching the word of God, good coir member as she expert in singing rhymes of a leading vocal. She is also a member of our board as a coordinator.
Contact : +92 322 4530342,
Facebook: evc rubeca.
Email : rebeca@evcchurch.com

October 2019